need a shit load of help!!


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Listen hears the deal i know that diet is probaly like 90% percent of doin what u want so i need help with that and i need help with what gear i want to pick.... Aight i am 20 yrs old, im 6" 222lbs with 14% bf.... i want to be by the end of the summer btwn 225 and 235 at 10% to 12% bf.... and i want to try to stay away from deca because i have a chance at getting tested for a sport i gear history is 10 shots of sus in 8 weeks of feb 2000, and 10 shots of ara test 8 weeks 2001, could only take 10 shots of winni in 2002 beacause of an infection i recieved from not cleaning the area (i was a dumbass), and the most recent just ended bout month and half ago was 15 shots duratest and 10 shots of cypanate... I was think bout goin on Tren but not sure how much to take / 400 mg of Eq a week for ten weeks/ and some sort of test but im not sure if this gear will fit the shit i want to do...
why even use the gear now? why not just diet down naturally , get your diet in check and when you nice and lean hit the anabolics for a bulker. you are right 80% of your results will be diet so just concetrate n that. in the mean time learn more about gear and design a great bulker

hope this helps
the reason why i do not want to diet down is because i got to keep my weight btwn 225 and 235 for football if i dont i will get my ass wooped.... but i would like to make that 225-235 more musclular u know....and i do not have that much time left to pull a diet then pull a bulker and be ready come august u know