need info on 1st cycle please


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i am currently goin to take 400 deca wk, 250 omnadren i have clomid but do not have any novladex or anything to prevent gyno...will this be a problem...if so i would be willing to cut down the deca to just 200 a to know what would be the wisest choice here ...
What are you stats? Cycle history?

If it is your first cycle, I would do a test only cycle. 400mg/week for 10 weeks.

Also, if you do a search on first cycles, you can find a shit load of info.
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im 19, 5'10 about 180 i did 8 weeks of Sustanon (sust) a yr ago at 250 a week and got alright gains, but was thinking i could really use the deca with it for extra weight gain and joint pain......but i will read up on those threads thanx bro