need lab stuff.


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i need some lab stuff, i found most of the things i need but i sent them a mail but they didnt reply.
these are the things i need
capsule machine
scale with 0.01 accuracy
whatman filters
and some other things...
but i need it fast, do you know any european sites that have these things?
they do sell that stuff on ebay but it can be expensive

what about or
stg said:
they do sell that stuff on ebay but it can be expensive

what about or

thanks for the links, but does anybody here know if "lemelange" is legit? because they didnt answer my mail,neather did
insaned said:
IMO is one of the best, at least for overseas
what about lemlange? are they legit?
the only reason im want to place an order on lemlange is because they have cheap scales...
researchlabsupply and lemelange are both awesome places to do business with. Ive used them both extensively. Sorry for getting back to the thread so late fellas.
I've gotten mislabled products from I told them about it and they resent the order giving me extra free grapeseed oil, but by then I had already ruined a batch and lost confidence in their reliability.
the grapeseed oil. I was making Test C I put my BA and BB in with the powder and dissolved it, then added what was labeled grapeseed oil and it seperated into two layers, one with the BA BB and TC the other was something else. At this point I knew something was wrong so I drew a little more "oil" out of the vile and tasted it, it had a minty kind of flavor and kind of burned my mouth, it also evaporated when heat was applied. The company admitted that some bottles had been mislabled but they did not say what was in then. I bought some other stuff that same order but never used it cause I know I can't trust it to be what they say it is. Between the gear and the bad lab supplies it cost me about $100. Guess it is all just part of the game. I just thought I would share my experience with them. Could probably happen with any lab supply company that caters to homebrewers.
I use researchlabsupply mainly for the good supply it offers and also because it's very easy to calculate the shipping quotes overseas. There is also good comunication.

Altough it's very uncommon to happen, mislabeling oil is always a possibility...
And btw, if you buy the grapeseed in any grocery, it is cheaper and in the end the gear will turn up the same.
the only reason im ordering from lemlange is because their cheap scale. 0.01 accuracy scale for 30$ its hard to find a site that beats that price :p

so lemlange is not good to order from if you live in europe?
ive done repeated business with both researchlabsupply and lemelange and they are both top notch shops. they are my favorite. that and ***canada kuz i live in canada love those domestic prices and getting my package the next morning!!!
I give the thumbs up. Always spot on and you get a free lollypop. seriously, you do. Delivery to the UK is fairly cheap and takes around a week