Need some help on putting together my cycle


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Im looking for some advice on putting together a cycle with whats available to me.

This is what I have:
20 amps deca (200mg each)
2 bottles enanthate (200mg)
d-bol (lots of em)
20ml bottle of trenbol (75mg)
160 tabs of clen

I'm wondering the best way to cycle this...or if I should pick up more of one of those items or not use one of those things at all.
how many cycle(s) do u have under your belt...?personally,i love mixing deca w/ tren;but if this is your first cycle i would not mix the both,simply because you have no idea how you will react to PROGESTERONE induced if it were me,this is what i would do...

week 1-10 400mg of deca / week
week 1-10 400mg of enan / week
weeks 1-4 30 mg of dbol ED
weeks 10-12 75mg of tren ED
clomid...2-3 days after your last injection of tren...

in addition,clen is an excellent addition post cycle to keep high intensity in the gym and to continue to drop unwanted BF from the cycle...cycle your clen 2 weeks on,2 weeks off...
good luck w/ everything and please take the time to answer my Q on how many cycle(s) you have under your will help answer the question much
I have done a few cycles of enanthate and deca...approx 4 over the last 3 years...Ive done d-bol with one and eq with one...I've used clen and sus as well...Never any problems except once when I tried 25mg of d-bol/day and 600mg of test/wk my nipples hurt a bit but since then nothing bad except for good ol' deca dick but there is no stopping that I don't think. I'm 5'9/ 160 right now...I usually jump up to 185 and lose BF.
Thanks for the first reply!
Go 11 weeks with the test and 8-13 with the fina. Run your post cycle therapy 4 weeks.