Needle exploded while injecting


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I was giving a friend of mine a shot of 2cc's of Test in his shoulder. Then seconds after I start pushing down on the plunger the needle explodes. Sending oil all over my face and shirt. The syringe was in my hand and the needle still sticking out of his shoulder. I quickly pulled the needle out, and had to give him a couple cc's of my stash( not happy about it either) Why the hell would this happen? Was the syringe not on tight enough or was their too much pressure that it shot the needle out too?
Happened to me before, you need to use a smaller gauge needle, it happened to me when I was trying to use a 27G to hit someone, the shit got into my eyes and all, the pim part popped off the syringe and stayed sticking in his arm .
pump it slower,probably too much pressure forced in the barrell, also get in the habit of screwing the pin on tighter before.... every one i have ever purchased i've had to tighten it.
I am sure he said the pin was on tight, the syringe was in my hand, the needle and rubber screw on part of it still in his arm, the needle didn't break. It just shot the needle off and oil went everywhere.
LOL... I did this to myself once and did it to a friend. The first time, I didn't have the needle screwed down tight enough and it separated. Squirts all over him and on my face. Funny shit. Then pulled the needle out. I did it to myself once too. It was the type of needle that does not screw on to the syringe. Just pushes on. Blasted about 2-1/2cc off my shoulder into my face and all over the damn place. Thought I was blind bro! lol It hasn't happend since, been going slower. Funny to see though.
I've done that before (pin not screwed tightly on), trust me, you'll never do it again, you'll always give it that little extra turn from now on.
THIS JUST HAPPEND TO ME TODAY!!!! the dart was not screwd on proplerly and i felt some oil dripping on my leg so i pulled it out replaced it with a new dart tightned it up and hit a diffrent area. no big deal. tighten the shit b4 u inject.
StoneColdNTO said:
I've done that before (pin not screwed tightly on), trust me, you'll never do it again, you'll always give it that little extra turn from now on.
lol, very true. got in my damn eyes once. :mad:

Don't lose sleep over wasting 10 bucks of test, I crushed a box of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) before by putting it in the bottom of my gym bag and then forgetting about it for 3 days.
I twist em pretty tightly now, hasn't happened to me but sometimes cold oil through a 25g can be tough. Anything smaller than 25g I believe are not even screw on, and the press on stuff reportedly shoots off all the time.

In the old days the 25g was a "vitamin injection needle" which was press on, thankfully they aren't now because I love em.
Exploding gear! Warning your gear may explode! Glad I've always tightened the rig before hand. Is it ok to put 2mils in the shoulder? I've always thought that to be a 1 mil muscle.