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I read at spot that the ideal size for quad shots were 25 gauge 1 inch long needles. But i ordered 23 gauge by accident, but still inch long. Is 23 gauge ok for quad shots or is that too thick. I have 23 gauge inch and a half long needles for my glute shots. Do these sizes sound right. My other question is , i went to buy rubbing alchohol and there were like 5 different kinds. What kind of sterilizing shit do you guys like the best.
Will it cause the muscle to be more sore then a 25 gauge would. And is 23 gauge 1 1/2 inch good for glutes.
I doubt you will notice much of a difference. It has the benefit of a much quicker injection than a 25g.

23g 1.5" is great for gluts, I actually use this in Quads as well because I find that deeper injections cause less pain (and less abscess scares lol). Just massage for 3-4 minutes after injecting. You will have some pain the following day/s but it's really nothing to be worried about, soon you will crave and enjoy this pain!
Thanks for the post man, Maybe ill try the 1.5" for the quads too. it doesnt hurt more with a deeper injection?
No it should not hurt by going a half inch farther. Just follow what outlaw said and you should be fine bro.
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Thanks for the post man, Maybe ill try the 1.5" for the quads too. it doesnt hurt more with a deeper injection?

minimal difference...I use it 23 1.5 for glutes & 25 1" for quads, but have used 23 in a pinch. It's in your head, just grab a pair and inject.
thanks for all the posts. I am still wondering what kind to get for sterilization of injection site. Theres Hydro-CHorti whatever, then just plain rubbing alchohol, then disinfectant , all kinds of shit, just wanted to know what was suggested most injections.Thanks again guys, gonna stick with just my 23 1 inchers for quads and the 1 1/2 inchers for glutes, thanks for all the advice.
Do you mean, do i like the needle sizes better, causes I havent started my cycle yet,i just gogt my pins in the mail, which is why i started the thread. Thanks for asking though, ill let you know what i think after m yfirst shot.
SOrry guys, but i have another injection question, the time is closing in on my first injection and i just wanna make sure i know what im doin, but how many of you guys change your needle after you withdraw your gear. DO you change your needle befor injection? I read withrawing dulls the needle a bit, but i was wondering how much it would affect the injection.
I always switch the needle out. putting it thru the stopper or bumping it on the bottom of the amp dulls it big time.
So does that mean i have to order a box of needles only. And i am sittin here tryin to pull the needle out of the syringe just to see how you would switch the needle, but i cant see how you would insert a new needle. Thanks for the advice.

Never mind i just figured it out. But im still interested in knowing who changes needles after withdrawel.
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I typically use a 20g or sometimes an 18g just to draw out what I am going to inject. Then I switch the needle to a 23g or 25g to inject it with. The needles can get dull pretty quick especially if you’re going to pierce a few different bottles if you’re stacking.