Needles on-line


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I did a search, but did not get my question answered.
Is it legal to buy needles on-line, like thru and
As far as I know it is illegal in illinois and cali. but it still isnt a problem. Your just using them for experimental
I think you will find B-D's are better quality but thats just my honest opinion. I used Teurmo's for yr just switched got lots of advantages with B-D's.
Getpinz is a good place also!
never will I bad mouth X-Biker he's a good dude!

notice the B-D's are bigger and sturdier and can draw at least 4 cc's back. I like the bigger grip on top both are 3 cc syringes, the bigger is the B-D the small Teurmo's.

The bigger plastic top helps when you have big fat fingers and doing on-sites to grip better.

Most all hospitals use B-D's also if that means anything.

Teurmo's the top one B-D is bottom both 3cc syringe.
no problem bro!
be honest and tell us what you think if you are used to Teurmo's the quality of both. I am really interested in which brand people prefer.
BuffDawg sharpens metal funnels and pours the gear in. j/k

He don't care but I do like choose a good pin I like.

I did many 1000's of shots in my life and lots of scar tissue building up, making some injects a bitch to go in.
Terumo claims to have a thinner barrel, but then again, so does B-D. The only difference i can see is what DG pointed out, it holds more fluid, plus bigger top, for easier handling. its personal preference, i wouldnt be surprised if i didnt feel a difference in the two