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Hey, I'm new to this and I want to pack on as many upper body muscle pounds as possible in six weeks; muscle that will stay if I work on it. I am looking for suggestions based on my personal situation.

I'm 21 years old, 5'10", 140lbs, and I looked ripped but obviously that's only because I'm very thin. I have limited access to a bench, so would rather work without iron, if gains can be made that way. I have a 20lb set of wrist/ankle weights.

So there's all the bad stuff. Here's the good stuff: I've very driven and have good willpower, so I will faithfully do what I need to do. I have time (though I've found I respond best to low-volume, high-intensity training best anyway), some money for supplements, and I am willing to work hard. I don't eat junk food, don't smoke, and I have an active lifestyle.

I put together a 4 day per week workout plan that will start with six weeks of a few reps and sets, and then the next six weeks would be fewer sets with more reps. I would alternate the days:

Day 1

Push-ups, 5 sets, 5-7 reps
Elevated Push-ups, 5 sets, 5-7 reps
Shoulder Push-ups, 5 sets, 5-7 reps
Dips, 5 sets, 5-7 reps
Seated Leg Tuck, 3 sets, 20 reps

Day 2

Pull-ups, 5 sets, 5-7 reps
Wide-grip pull-ups, 5 sets, 5-7 reps
Reverse-grip pull-ups, 5 sets, 5-7 reps
Crunches, 3 sets, 25 reps
Bent-knee Raises, 2 sets, 20 reps

So Monday would be day one, Tuesday day 2, Thursday day 1, Friday day 2. Then start again next Monday. Wrist/ankle weights used to increase intensity. Can this be effective?

I want to stay away from drugs/supplements that are liver-toxic, cause acne, excessive water retention, and potential long-term health issues. I don't mind nausea or shit like that.

I appreciate your help and would be happy to document what I do so you guys can see what kind of results can be achieved by someone like me.
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Hey Man,are You In Jail.? Aint Gainin Much Without Iron......when You Do Get Access To The All The Compound Movements, And Do Them,eat,eat...lots Of Carbs....good Luck..
1. Join a gym.

2. Eat like a mofo.

3. You current workout plan is a joke.

4. You have a lot to learn, yes carbs are necessary for gaining weight and strengh. No dr. Atkins here. Read read read this forum and the training forum.
outlawtas2 said:
1. Join a gym.

2. Eat like a mofo.

3. You current workout plan is a joke.

4. You have a lot to learn, yes carbs are necessary for gaining weight and strengh. No dr. Atkins here. Read read read this forum and the training forum.

1. I live in the middle of nowhere; closest gym is 45 miles! But I can at least use a friend's bench and free weights.

2. That's why I asked about those two links I posted above. Would they be good things to take daily?

3. Haha, thanks for telling it like it is.

4. You got it. :)
I read on this forum that adding 500 calories per day to that will gain a pound per week. So can I add 1000, 1500, or even more calories per day and get proportionate results?
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Your body can only put on so much muscle in a given period of time, anythng else would be stored as fat. I would say you should be eating at least 3000-3500 clean calories.

If you can't get to a gym, then you have to invest in some gym equipmnent. Things you need to do: Benchpress, Squat and Deadlift.

Since your in the middle of nowhere, I assume (and correct me if I'm wrong) that your pretty good with your hands. Build yourself a benchpress bench! Then all you really need is a good bar with which you can do squats, deads, rows and benches with. You can also use this for triceps and biceps. Then grab some dumbells for bi/tris as well.

If you don't wanna do that, then look at some exercises and try to copy them using things around you. You don't always have to use gym equipment, though it is a lot easier to guage your progress with. But you could come up with your own workout based on a good routine.

Also, make your way to the city! There's lots of gyms, girls and crime FTW!
Thanks all for good advice. You're damn right I am good with my hands (so maybe I will come to the city for the girls...). I'll build a bench. Does a cold environment have bad effects on weight training? I don't have room in the house right now and the garage is unheated. It gets down to 10 F here regularly.

I'm shooting for 3500 calories/day with 60% protein, 30% carb, 10% fat (450g Protein + 250g Carbs + 75g Fat). From what I've read, that will be great for what I want to do. I thought I'd have a hard time eating that much in a day, but I've got 3000 calories down today and I'm hungry. Amazing how the stomach stretches. And that's with a shitty food supply.

I did go way high on the fat and low on the protein today (I had a lot of peanut butter lying around), but that'll change when I get the right stuff around the house. Protein powder is on the whey (ha) and I'm off to stock up on eggs, ground beef, oatmeal, and tuna. I thought I'd hate tuna (never tried it before) but it turned out pretty good.

What would be a good number of sets and reps of benches, deads, reps, and squats in my case? I've read such varying opinions on the Internet that it's hard to decide what to go with. I have at least figured out which days to do which training.

Thanks guys.