No post cycle therapy (pct) For Test?????

I did that on purpose. Wasn't sure if sharing other boards is legal in this house.

It's a housing for some IFBB's.

I think its stupid as well... But people are saying its a good post....?!
I would say Pro BBers are probably the worst source for cycle information out there. They can't (won't) be honest about their cycling so they make up all kinds of bullshit about how they only take deca 1 hour before they compete, etc etc.
mranak said:
The moral is: don't believe everything you read.

LOL. I couldn`t agreed more with you!

PCT is allways needed after a cycle...

HCG is needed if your testicles have shrinked during the cycle. If not, include nolvadex or clomid ed for some time- depending on how many weeks on etc.

just a thouht.. :)