Nubain dosages?

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Was thinking of picking up some Nubain for my knees. Any bros know anything about dosages and effectiveness? Can't seem to find anything related anywhere. Also, is it any more effective if you inject it close to the joint in question (IE - quad injections for knee problems or delt injections for shoulder problems, etc.) Any help would be appreciated.:dunno:
id ask at bolex about this. i remember quite a few posts about it. i doubt youll get much info here cause its generly seen as a rec drug
mate i suggest using deca for pain relif in joints, it helps with my knees alot, and has got to be less risky then nubain ie.. addictions etc..
Every bodybuilder with ANY sort of joint pain should begin these immediately and plan on making these a staple in his lfe FOREVER!!! (You're actually better off commencing usage of these products prior to experiencing any probs/pain)

Glucosamine Sulfate/HCL
Chondrotin Sulfate
MSM (a "natural anti-inflammatory")
Flax Oil
Vit C

These address the root of the problem and ACTUALLY repair the damage!!!!

Deca, nubain, pain relievers,sports creams, cortisone, prednisone, IB prof, inlam in general----the pain WILL return.
Thanx for the input, bros. Diddn't know this subject was out of bounds since I did not intend to use recreationally. Sorry.
Ya, this is kind of a sticky subject. Luckily we have a very mature group of members here so this thread didnt turn ugly but generally Nubain is looked upon as a rec. drug here on the boards.

I'm not saying this post is out of line because I can see your reason behind it but I think its best if we keep the Nubain stuff away from Steroidology.

Please feel free to pm or email me if someone feels I am overstepping things by locking this thread.
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