Odeon Pharmacetucials from Switzerland


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Odeon Pharmacetucials from Switzerland (updated!)

Odeon Pharma Nandrolone Decanoate and Boldenone From Switzerland



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looks nice...no batch number on the bottle? I make yearly trips to switzerland..i might have to look into this.
These pictures can be fake... I'm still researching about it. If you have any genuine of this product. Pls post photos. Or tell us the diffirence.
from switzerland?

took this reply from bodyoscience forum

losingtheplot write
Switzerland my ass, they are based in Turkey!

winny write

losingtheplot is correct.

saw some feedbacks from turkish users, they said is good.

despo write

Dont use it...
Dont trust it..
VIsit www.bodyforumtr.com/vbforum to see why... They do not recommend it.

kragh write

This is not good , a unsteril lab . Thats it !

check the forum youself :)
Do you know Turkish language? if anyone know pls translate it cuz i did not understand anything.

Cuz this means nothing, i didn't see anyone who used it and not satisfied. People giving away meanless links. (maybe, to promote their webspace)

And i (personally) do not interest with origin.. Do u beleive that, any ugl gives its open address? Do you beleive that BD produced their products in thailand for years? Do you know the meaning of the "U"?
I personally have 2 diffirent point.. Sterility and quality..
Not bottle quality.. if they used real raw material. and produced in sterile area with true dosage and other integridents It's fine..

If an UGL is bad. You will see abscess reports around. Or it doesnt works. But anyone here tried it?

I personally didn't tried the new products. But one of my buddy on gear with it. And it goes well.

And i beleive that, if you dont have a legit pharmacy source. unknown UGLs are better. Becouse price is good. And no fake risk. Everybody makes fake BD, Fake ilium. But anyone see fake "flyin' monkey labs?"

I dont understand people. UGL is UGL. We don't know where it comes from. We dont know what is it. But we trust. and it works.
if it doesnt works dont use.. simple!

why do you back this UGL so much up?

i just comment what people think)Know) about this brand so called made in switzerland :)

and you know they are based in turkey!!!
Maybe it is the old biomaxlabs hehe

how can you trust a ugl when you say WE trust i think you mean youself!

if there any labtest of this so called switzer gear you claim they are?
i did not see any labtest.. But heard. This info is not trustable i know.
But there's no bad test too.
Odeon may be from Turkey based or may not. Who cares?

I used a lot of UGL products. And i beleive that i know UGLs.

Biomaxx has a new name.. Optimum Pharma. You can google it. ;)