pain and swelling after a week


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okay so I'm doing test enanthate 250mg twice a week as my first cycle. brand is xtlabs.

withdrawing with 18g and injecting in glute 23g 1.5". switching sides each time.

first injection in left glute went smoothly, was a bit stiff for 2-3 days and then perfect.

second injection in right glute, the moment I went through the skin (maybe 1mm deep) i felt a really sharp pain so I took it out and tried to Inject about 1mm to the left. same thing. after 3 attempts at this I decided to change the needle and try again. I injected right where the first 3 attempts were and it went in really well just like my first injection.

all needles and everything are fresh by the way!

3rd needle in left glute went well.

tomorrow is time to inject in my right glute again but its really sore and swollen in the area around where I injected. it's not red or any hotter than the other side to touch. there's nothing visible.

I'm worried about this as I don't have pain from an injection done 3 days after it..

I've noticed I have a stretch mark on the right glute where I was injecting which may explain the sharp pain originally.

is this the beginning of an abcsess? should I be concerned? should I inject into it tomorrow?

please help
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Try shooting into your quads, i find it alot easier and have never had any pain.

i dont have the right needle size for a quad injection tomorrow.

i also dont understand why you would shoot in the quads when its much safer and less painful in the glute.

ill take on your advice and do some research on quad injections, but for now i need an answer to the question i asked..


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If you've got the needles for glutes, you've got the needles for quads. Trust me.

And what makes quads any less safe than glutes? I find quads to be very easy to do. It's hard for me to contort my body to properly do a glute injection. Quads are simple as hell.

But on to your original question, are you definitely injecting in the right spot? Go to and double-check the injection point for glutes.

In either case, I would guess that you just have a welt or a sterile abscess. I had that from my first glute shot on my left side. Left a large, slightly red bump that was sore if I pushed on it. It wasn't hot to the touch and I could get it to go down for a little while if I put a hot compress on it. It didn't get any worse so I just let it go. Took two weeks to fully disappear.

I'll recommend quads, too. If you're worried about blood vessels, just aspirate. You should be aspirating anyway. I've done 5 quad pins now and haven't hit any veins or blood vessels.


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It's just because you are new to pinning. This happens to most people their first time "virgin muscle".

You can pin your delts or quads. I hate pinning quads. Last time I couldn't walk for days just because I never pin there. If you want to do delts with the syringes you have, cut the plastic cap to about 1/2 inch so you have 1 inch of the syringe sticking out and it will be the right length.

You can warm your gear by running hot water on the vial or syringe but do not let the top or needle get in the water. Inject slowly.