PAINFUL EQ undecylenate??? wtf?


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guys, i recently made a homebrew eq batch @ 500mg/ml

used a 2/20 ratio for the solvents

i also made a batch of Primo - menthenolone enanthate @ 200mg/ml

also used 2/20

on mondays and fridays, i'd load up 1 CC of the EQ, 2 cc of the primo
each injection would literally swell up the next day, painful, and huge

i thought this was uncommon w/ eq undecylenate even @ 500mg/ml

im not sure if what i received was bold prop, because i heard that hurts like a motherfucker. but any similar stories?
It's the couldn't have made bold prop @ 500mg/ml, it wouldn't hold at that concentration. The two times I've used primo, the injection sites were sore which usually doesn't happen to me, especially an enanthate ester.
do you think thats why most producers make it @ 100mg/ml?

this is just retarted man, my glute would swell up the side of a golf ball, like a synthol injection in ur ass, lol

by the way, thanks for the response
still strange that Primo at 200mg/ml gives swelling and such pain IMO
But try to cut back and make it 150mg/ml or add EO
This cycle I'm on is a killer ! My ass gets a helmet on it and I look like Jlo on one side .
I tried heating th egear in the syringe under hot tap water for over 2 mins then after injecting rubbing the area vigoursly with a hot s I can stand washcloth for almost 5 mins. It still swells turns red and hurts but I don't limp or cringe when someone brushes against me . ANd most important I can still actually work out.
I 'm doing 1 cc if 300mg of test Ethananate.
Primo has some bite to it, i have it at 250mg/ml, taking 4cc's a week, and it causes a bit of discomfort.