Pick One!


Knows whats up
Which one would be better??!
i have a 10cc bottle of Ara-Test, and im gonna get a 10cc bottle of cyp. could i do 2cc of the Ara-test a week for the first 5 weeks, then switch to 2cc of the cyp?? OR should i do 1cc Ara-test 1cc Cyp a week????
i would prefer to do the first....what do you think???

Ara-test= 200mg enth 50mg prop
Start with the AraTest. Make sure you are doing at least every other day injections of it (Because of the Prop). When it runs out, then just switch to the Cyp and only shoot once or twice a week.

So 0.6 cc's of AraTest every other day and when that runs out, I would go 2 cc's of the Cyp once a week (granted that the cyp is 250 mg/ml. If its only 200 mg/ml then go 2.5 cc's of the Cyp once a week).
Do they still make aratest? I remember when it came out it was the thing to have, then it got shady. Thought they stopped producing.