Possible injury


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I went to work out today in the morning. It was chest and biceps day…(one of my favorites)..lol
This is how the first part of my chest workout looks like

Flat barbell bench

Warmup 155lbs 14x
225lbs 8x
315lbs 8x
365lbs 4-5x
225lbs 20x

when I got to 365 on my first lift when the weight was down I felt a sharp pain in my right peck close to the middle…I was able to push myself and finish for 4 reps….
Then I burned myself out w/ 225lbs for 21x w/ the slight pain in the same spot…
When I got to incline the pain was really annoying me. I did 3 sets of 245lbs 7x….
That was it for chest since it begin to hurt at this point more….

I was able to do most of my bicep exercises….

I was very disappointed after my workout since I knew that I will have to take next few days off and hopefully it will heal…

Now it has been 7 hours after this happened and I know for sure I have pulled something and I hope it will heal…

I’m on Prop/Fina right now and I’m very happy w/ my gains so far…..

How long do you guys think I should stay out of the gym for….I was thinking to go and just do legs in 2 days but I don’t want to make anything worse at this point…

Thanks for listening…
give it a few days to see how you feel [pain wise] then go from there. feeling better give it a test run still in pain give it a little more time bro

i am in the same boat with the right knee

injuries suck
i totally agree with house......i had a shoulder injury in the beginning of february..... it took a while to heal and its still not a 100% better.... it affected me in alot of my lifts. i was out for 6 weeks.... so if u did tear a muscle....it will never be the same again just take it slow bro and heal correctly or else it will get worst.
no bruising or swelling. I will give you guys a update Sunday sometime...

btw... Happy Easter
still no bruising or swelling.....thats the good news...lol...
I still have the pain...today is off and tom I will try to do legs...It just sucks since now I will have to take it easy on myself... :(
Jyzza I have had that problem in the past on my right pec ,right in the middle of the pectoral muscle.Same stabbing pain ,what you have is a slight muscle tear ,I never had any swelling and the pain subsided after about 1 week.
I would think you may have just strained it a bit... I think if it was a tear the pain would be much more severe..... I would lay off the chest work for a week and try again in a week..with much lower weight. How does it feel when you do flyes???
thefantom1 said:
How does it feel when you do flyes???

I didn't even try flyes..lol..I knew it would hurt so I did very light cables.........I'll be okay..........
thefantom1 said:
I would think you may have just strained it a bit... I think if it was a tear the pain would be much more severe.....

I agree w/ Fantom. Hopefully you dodged the bullet on this one. Torn pect is a bitch and a hard recovery.
I do feel better now..still have a bit of pain.....tom. is chest day so I will go light and tell you guys how it went......thats if any of you care..lol