Possible reduced potency of test when mixing with homebrew fina?


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This may sound odd, but im just trying to seetle with myself wether there is some legitimacy to my insane presumptions or if it merely psycosomatic.

usually around my 3rd week of test enath administration my nipples get a little sore, and thats how i can usually tell that it is working. This cycle though, I decided to mix my test enath in with my eod homebrew fina inj. twice a week. Funny thing is...my nips had not been getting sore and I was in my 5th week....BUT! these past 2 injections, I decided to not mix my homebrew tren with them...and now..my nips are getting sore....

Is there any legitimacy to my amateur hypothesis that mabey my homebrew tren reduced the potency of the test....or am i just a lunatic?
The compounds are what they are. Shooting the testosterone the same time as the trenbolone makes no difference as far as side-effects.