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Hi Guys

Come on here to seek some advice from those in the know.

Basically, 32 years of age, never done anabolic steroids in my life. Trained for around 4 years to gain size and strength. 5ft'6 in height, 13.6 stone in weight. Not sure what that is in kg, but Google seems to think 86.3 kg. Supplemented with whey protein, high protein foods, rice etc - creatine etc.

My situation unfolds that despite getting into pretty good shape, I've battled 'what now looks likely' to be the classic symptoms of low testosterone for many years. Not going to list them all here. However, suffice to say I've felt pretty crap. Last year, I started looking more into the symptoms of low testosterone - and how they might affect an individual. I tick pretty much every box on that list and have done for around 10 years.

I finally decided to get it checked out. I ordered blood work through an independent laboratory last August, NOT my NHS GP. The reason for this, is I've read many stories from guys turning to GP's for help, only to be not taken seriously (happened to me today more on that later). So, the initial blood work was a complete examination. Not only did it measure hormones, but also took a look at general blood health. For the most part, it was a decent profile. However, abnormalities showed in the red cell count/health. The results of the 3 abnormalities in that panel is: HAEMOGLOBIN (G/L) *176 g/L (130.000-170.000). HCT *0525 (0.370-0.500). RED CELL COUNT *5.88 x10^12/L (4.400-5.800). MCV, MCH, MCHC, RDW were all ok.

Testosterone levels shown in the initial test were as follows: Testosterone *8.81 nmol/L (7.600-31.400). 17-Beta Oestradiol *37.34 pmol/L (44.000-156.000). As you can see, my testosterone levels are LOW. Although, not out of range in this test. The doctor reviewing my results suggested TRT may be beneficial, but urged an additional hormone screen. I was supposed to have completed that a month later, but left it for a few months until a week ago (Feb 2017). Plenty of time to see if my testosterone would pick back up on it's own. Unfortunately, it hasn't.

The results of my latest test show that Testosterone has dropped further. It now shows the following. Testosterone *5.74 nmol/L (7.600-31.400). Free Testosterone *0.157 nmol/L (0.30-1.00). SHBG *14.43 nmol/L (16.00-55.00) and 17-Beta Oestradiol has risen to
67.64 pmol/L (0.00-191.99). This may explain the worsening of my symptoms the last few months especially, and what seems like more in the way of fat build up. I feel on the floor.

Problem is guys, I requested TRT privately yesterday, through a reputable service and provided my blood work report. Because I have a raised blood count, they are not willing to proceed and terminated my request for treatment. I understand TRT can cause polycythaemia, and the doctor probably thinks it's too risky to proceed already having a high blood count - as TRT would rocket an already high result. So what to do?

As for my NHS GP. Don't even go there. Took one look at me and my results from these tests. He said, based on my build and size, age etc - he highly doubts I have testosterone issues. Started asking questions like if I took any supplements, had any problems growing facial hair etc. He knows I lift weights. I mentioned that TRT was recommended privately - and that my request for TRT privately has now been refused due to a high blood count - and he didn't even question that. He's ordered another blood test later this week - but really just didn't seem at all fussed even after reading the results. In fact I felt the appointment was a disaster really.

So I guess I'm just wondering what I can do if TRT is a no go privately or on the NHS?
Hey man,

Sorry to hear your story. Unfortunately, it seems to be a pretty common one.

I started private TRT in July 2016 at the age of 35 and it's made an enormous difference to my life. My total testosterone level was 9 nmol/l before starting and despite a lot of European guidelines stating that anything between 8-12 is 'borderline' and worth considering for treatment if symptoms are present, I wasn't at all taken seriously.

My GP (who admittedly isn't an expert in this area) said that it was unlikely I had low test being a big guy with a full beard. He agreed to speak with an endocrinologist after I printed off a lot of the guidelines and showed them to him. However, the eventual response was that I'm 'within the normal range' and didn't even get to speak with the endo.

As you probably know, the normal range is not adjusted by age, so to be close to the very bottom of this range as a reasonably young guy isn't good. At 35yo I had around half the testosterone of the average 45yo - falling into the 85-100yo bracket in most charts.

I'm likely not the best person on here to advise on your specific situation, but one way you could possibly lower your high blood count is by giving blood regularly. Just a thought.

Also, it's not illegal to use steroids in the UK as long as you're not selling or importing them. However, you would definitely need to keep an eye on you hemocrit, estradiol, etc.
there is an easy fix for your high hemo.. a double blood donation.. thatll bring it down just fine

i do have a question.. do you live in a area that is high altitude? or do you do any endurance training?

are you a smoker?