Progressive Rest Pause Training


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As I was sitting here today, trying to think of new ideas for my training I came up with the following.

It is based on the use of rest pause reps, I know rest pause reps are nothing new, I just put a little twist on how they are progressively done to record muscle strength increases.

Pick a weight that you would typically fail at 6-10 reps, once you have failed, perform 4 rest pause reps, then make note of the grand total of the reps performed, this will be you goal # of reps for following workouts.

Each week as you get stronger, you should need to do fewer rest paused reps to reach the goal range, once the goal range is reached, either change exercises entirely or increase the pdg on the same movement & begin the process over.

Week 1: Incline smith presses: 3 warm ups, 1 work set = start the set, you fail at say 7 reps, once fail, perform 4 reps in rest pause fashion pausing JUST enough to barely get the next rest pause rep. Your total # of reps, your goal range is then 7 + 4 = 11 reps.

Week 2: Incline smith press: (use the same pdg on all sets warm ups & work set as previous week), 1 work set this week say you get 9 reps before you fail, thus to reach the 11 rep goal you only need do 2 reps in rest pause fashion.

And so on, untill you reach 11 reps with/o need to do any rest pause reps, it will be a strait set to 11 reps...

Each of the previous weeks on only do the one working set for this ex done in rest pause fashion, (the few weeks that is all you will be able to do, if you truly pushed yourself to muscular not mental failure)once you reach the goal 11 rep range, do 2 sets of the movemen with the same pdg...before increasing the weight.

Once you can do that, either change movements entirely & begin the process over, or stick with the same movement, but increase the pdg & begin the process over...

This in an excellent way to monitor stregth increases via rep increases, instead of just half hazardly increasing the pdg every or so, this way you get an exact idea of strength increases week to week, so one of the main keys to this is recoring you set/reps/pdgs every week, I know that in itself will be hard for some, those who hate training logs..

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