PR's, Progress, Updates


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how about we have this thread to share any pr's we make in training?

i'll start - last week i squatted 215x20 and tomorrow's squat day and i plan on going a bit heavier - and go for a a hardcore 10-12 rep set. In august (after 2+ years of training), my squat was 155x13-15, so i guess i've made some progress.

my bw is also steadily going up. currently 195 (165 in beginning of august) and plan to hit 205-210 by march 1st before dieting.

anyone else??
Hmm... PR's???

I'll try... With my injured shoulder ...

Flat Bench = 330lbs
Incline DB = 130lbs
Front Squats (can't do regular) = 275lbs
Barbell Rows = 335lbs
Deadlifts = 405lbs

I think that is just about as impressive as I can be... unless we want to count concentration curls??? :)

These are all natural stats....

Flat Bench 320lbs
Squats 405lbs - 6 times
Deads 405 - 8 times

I can't wait until my cycle!!
I dont do heavy singles very often so these are mostly set pr's
deadlifts 500 x 9 reps, 550 x 5 reps, 600 x 1 rep
squat 445lbs x 5 reps (ass to the floor no belt)
bench 335lbs 3x5 reps
close grip bench 315 x 5 reps