(psl) huge news for 2016!


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Allow me to start my "Thanking" all of our loyal customers for their business in 2015...
It has been a pleasure helping each of you reach your goals..
We are grateful for customers like you, who make our work satisfying and rewarding!!

The entire team is looking forward to serving and meeting your needs in 2016,and contributing to your success...
We wish you a prosperous and happy new year...May 2016 be your best year yet!!!

With this said; let me share some exciting NEWS with you!

Team PSL has made a promise to you, give us your trust, and we will provide you with the products and service that you need and expect each and every single time!

Our promise to you....

In less then 24hrs after this post, PSL will have an all NEW innovative,user friendly ONLINE store..
Providing you with not only one of the most sufficient and user friendly interfaces for your convenience, but absolute stellar features such as-

*Loyalty plans/points/rewards*
*Better,NEW fresh look*
*User friendly with easy site navigation*

And now, for the NEWS that many of you have been waiting for, per request,as we listened to your demands and heard your voices..​

The team at PSL has decided to lower the prices...​

As many others are striving to go to the market in current times, Team PSL has been here and continues to press forward with unstoppable momentum, setting the bench mark of what "defines" quality, in lieu of being one of your standard generic suppliers..

We stand in a class of our own, propelling far ahead of our contenders..
Anabolics has traditionally been a capital-intense endeavor of ours, dominating the "Anabolic Circuit" world wide with utmost supremacy with the "Vision" of leading the way through innovation, and unparalleled customer service!​

Dare to be great - PSL knows no obstacles!!!

(keep your eyes peeled because we have an ester egg to unveil soon)

Happy New Years
Team supervisor

***Credit to PSL rep VISION for ad design.
Now, it PAYS to be a PSL customer. We can't begin to tell you how much your loyalty means to us. Without our loyal customers....we are nothing. We want to give back to show our appreciation.
Im loving every part if the new improved V-2 of PSL...

I even made same sample orders just to see how the loyalty points work, its great how the points really add up, and fast!