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does anyone know anything about the quest pharmaceutical test cyp called testcyp 200. it says it is 20mL. just trying to find out it this stuff is has a white label with blue flip off top ..and says something like made by athletes for athletes on the side........thanks for the help
it looks like the bottle in the pic that grafix-gnc posted. so that makes me think it might be legit. but another said if it says 20mL that it is probably fake.......well it says net contents 20mL on the bottle so i dont know what to think
It is possible that the "20 ml" that you see is a typo on the labels but I doubt it. But I can tell you 100% that they do not make a 20 ml bottle of Cyp.
does anybody know where i could get a close up pic of the quest testcyp 200 bottle and see if it says net contents 20mL in the upper right corner of the label
I believe Needsize has some buddies on the Cyp, maybe he can help answer your question so Ill bump this up for him to see.
im on there enth right now, im into week 6 of 12 and gains are comeing string now. finally benched 340lbs i was stuck at 335 for a few weeks. went up easy/// i like quest i think its good product...

sorry cant help with the cyp issue man,
Heyyo said:
20ml is a typo..I've seen it

So the bottle is a 10 ml but its printed as 20? That would explain his stuff looking fine except for the "20ml" part.

onebigboy34, if you have a 10ml jug then I would expect that it explains your problem