Question about immune system


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used to have a s/n here but i dont remember it or the email i used, anyways im preparing for my 2nd cycle, i want to start asap, but im a little paranoid about sometthing ive never used them winter time which is ususally flu season, with a supressed immune system and the flu doesnt seem good, and with possible flu pandemics (maybe bs i duno)...

what do u guys think, also any of u had the flu while u were on?
Since when does Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) supress your immune system. I used in the winter and in the summer/fall. Had less immune probs in the winter.

Buy yourself some bovine colostrum and at the hint of a cold and after really hard workouts take LOTS of it. ALso grapefruit seed extract is a very potent antibiotic and olive leaf is a very potent anti viral.

A test was done to show how bacterisa are developing resistance to antibiotics and they took bacteria and put it in otwo petri dishes. One dish had ammoxicillan in it and the other had GFS extract. THe bacteria were found to be eating the amooxicillan and living andn the ones in the GFS were dead.
well if decca is on your list it sslows the imune system down along with others..honestly i dont know if there is anything i can will have to hear what other members have to say and do ok.if you get good advise let me know too.good luck bro
During steroid treatment for instance, many athletes find they are less susceptible to viral illnesses. New studies involving the use of compounds like anavar and Deca-Durabolin® with HIV+ patients seem to back up this claim, clearly showing that these drugs can have a beneficial effect on the immune system.
maybe i should do my reaserch better, but more oppinions would be nice too
also i plan on using test and dianabol, or just using sustanon again