question about off-season fat


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right now im bulking up. im on a bunch of test, dbols and fina and was just on some eq for awhile. i have been putting on weight very nicely and strength is going up as usual when i use these drugs but this time i have noticed that i put on a really decent amount of fat. i basically know why i put on much more fat then normal, i have upped my cals about 750-1000 cals per day with about 70-100 grams of protein more then i have ever taken and a bit more fats because i kinda bought into the 'a moderate fat amount is not bad for you' thing. plus im a little more attentive to eating a bit more carbs every day. my real question is that i want to continue bulking as i am trying to pack on some serious muscle for a show i want to do in 2004, but im not liking the very noticable increase of fat. any little tricks to keep the bulking going while slimming down the gut a little as well as these little love handles im starting to get?