question for adding bb to test. enanth.

Can I ask what the point would be in adding BB? Just curious. I'm homebrewing for the first time next week & I'd like to know what the difference would be in adding it. Every recipe I've seen only calls for BA with Test E.
BB has a few uses, makes you able to brew you're gear at higher strength without crashing, cuts down on the post inject soreness from the shot, helps thin out the oil, etc...

Some say it prevents the compound from crystallizing in the body which with test e isn't applicable because at body temp it wouldnt be crystalized anyways. Some also say that it cuts the pain from the BA added although I doubt that since most recipes call for anywheres from 2-5% BA and people can get up to around 20% without a considerable amount of pain. I think NYCEE said he injected like 1ml of straight BA and had no pain so...

Its not needed for test e but I usually just go with a 2/10 ba/bb + oil mix anyways because I like thinner gear, easier to push through the pin. Whichever you decide to do is fine.