Question for the Dr's or medical minded?


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I'm in the middle of a heavy bulking cycle, but go for my police test in a week, is there any way to temporarily get my blood pressure down as they are testing that?
I asked my sport med doc a similar question, especially apparently high blood pressure can ge genetic as with cholesterol etc...i go in regularly for bp and also run to a walgreens etc after training...especially after deadlifts when i feel i am going to pass out...sorry...anyhow, he told me that gear would blow it up anyhow, and the only way to drop it, is to drop the bp was up even from walking from the car to his waiting room and then to the bp, i am curious as well, but i have the feeling that it is not going to be good news bro...

asprin would definately thin the blood.....but how much you would actually need would be the question...i at times get rough headaches after training heavy...the blood pressure was crazy....i would try although i know you dont want to on a bulk cycle, dont eat like 8 hours before the test, lay around and relax, and drop the aspirin like 30 minutes before you take the test, even on an empty stomach....and whatever you do, dont stress the test, your bp will be up then also...

What testing are you doing needsize? I actually did some police testing in January and February.
Easto, I'm doing the GATB, WCT, and PREP

Fantom, I was thinking about starting some liquidex the day before

The stuff works great for me! Only ONE week away though??? I'm not sure. This stuff takes a little time to kick in.

What is your BP right now? If you're that desperate and feel that you will NOT clear the BP test, I suggest a quick round of prescription BP meds and/or diuretics (Lasix).

NS: you KNOW I usually give conservative advice, BUT I know YOU WILL take that advice with common sense and caution!!!

Or......if you want to go the OTC route, you could take a big dose of Kava Kava, Valerian Root, and/or Skull Cap the morning of the test. You may be a little tired, BUT this WILL lower your BP.

Good luck on your test ;)