Hello and thank you for the solid base


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First, thanks to anyone and everyone who has posted information on lifting and roids. You have contributed to the path I plan to walk and have kept me from making blunders that would slow me down.


I am new to roids, but I have been lifting for a few years now. At the start I was a cocky brat, but little by little I've become an incredibly cautious lifter thanks to injuries. I am soon going to start my first Test Cycle and I hope I handle it well.

My goals:
Become the strongest male in my family, physically and mentally. (Blood only)

Stop feeling like shit in my mind.


Sweating. Pokemon games (after a tiring day, I just push A on the gameboy and numbers go up. No energy drain, but something to pass the time till bed)

I hope I can make some friends and pick up some tips/hobbys for rest days.

Rest days. (The mind wanders)
Smelly people (Like cheap cologne)
Slow healing wounds
Walmart brand protein
The shits
Forgetting to breathe