Question on gear and hairloss


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Hey fellas, the last few weeks I bumped up the test to 500mg/week with 600mg of EQ. During the last week or two I noticed that whenever I pull on my hair, or when I'm washing it, I'll lose a few strands at a time. I'm not competely freaked but it's coming out steadily when I tug on it. This is my last week of the cycle.

My question is, will the hairloss be continuous even post-cycle or will it stop when the gear is discontinued? Also, can hair be regenerated/regrown (as opposed to simply preventing hairloss)?

Finally, what would be the best stuff to take in order prevent this in the future if I choose to do another cycle?

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Hey toughguy, I forgot to ask you about whether it'll continue after I'm off! Besides, you wanted my snobby ass posting agian didn't ya!??? lol
Dont know if it'll continue when you're off, but you can stop it with sprionolactone, easily obtained through, stinks but works
Bro, do not pull on your hair ! Plus remember you lose hair everyday ...around 50 to 100 hairs...esp. you will notice it in the shower if you style with gel or other hair products. So don't pull your hair every five seconds and don't freak out...Get some Nizoral 2% to cleanse the scalp ...even try Nixion friend was on a Winstrol (winny) and prop cycle and his hair was flying off his head then he decided to try the cleansing shampoo and said it has helped...
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Any hair that somes out when pulled like this, is in the telogen phase (resting phase). It would've come out anyway, or have been pushed out by the newly growing follicle.
Mature hairs coming out is not a sign of androgenetic alopecia (MPB). In AA, the hairs become more and more miniaturized, until they're lost for good.
Sometimes, various stressors (a cycle, diet, illness, fevers, etc) will induce a telogen effluvium, where many hairs go into the resting stage at once. These usually grow back with the next cycle.
I've got an article on hair loss in the Articles Section w/ detailed info.
buffdoc, you really know your stuff when it comes to hairloss prevention.

What products do you recommend?

Will a combination of spiro, minoxidil, nizoral/polysorbate shampoo, and proscar be enough to ward off ALL hairloss (by all I'm referring to the drugs not fast-forwarding what would naturally occur) for someone using reasonable dosages of AAS?

Also, do you by any chance happen to know if there are any preparations available containing flutamide? I've heard it's a much more potent androgen blocker than spirolactone. I believe DrU sells flutamide pills. I assume one could just crush the pills into a fine powder and make a solution, perhaps just combining the powder with a minoxidil solution.