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Greetings. I'm writing a piece for Outside Magazine on the use of performance enhancing drugs with an emphasis on endurance sports like bike racing, triathlons, etc.

I'd be very interested in thoughts from forum members on the following:

-Is there a combination of steroids that would be useful increasing strength without increasing much mass? This would be the goal of a bike racer or cross country skier.

-Could using "cutting" drugs like Winstrol decrease fat and increase lean body mass without adding great weight? What if used in a cycle of little lifting but a great deal of specific activiity like bike riding, running, swimming? What benefits might be gained by using steroids and which steroids/cycles would one recomend?

-Does using Winstrol normally reduce one's libido? Should test be used with it to keep levels high, libido steady, etc.

Thanks very much...I can be reached at All answers totally confidential unless otherwise requested.


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i would say low dose test and anavar would be great. winstrol has been said to increase endurance greatly but the joint pain would not be acceptable for endurance activities. tren would be another great choice with test but some say it hurts there cardio output. it did not affect mine at all. there is no real solid answer here, everyone reacts differently to different drugs. if using minstrol alone, proviron could be added to keep libido up, if not elevated. equipoise would also be good as it dose not promote much weight gain, but increases rbc count. ultimately diet is what determines how much weight you gain on a cycle so if little mass gain is desired keep the cals lower. if water retention is a concern, you could either keep teh dosages of aromatizable drugs low or use some type of ant estrogen.


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I believe a lot of cyclists also use that drug that increases RBC count. EPO? I can't remember the name but it's expensive shit.


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mvmaxx said:
I believe a lot of cyclists also use that drug that increases RBC count. EPO? I can't remember the name but it's expensive shit.

Erythropoetin. I believe the brand name is Epogen, or something like that.
Erythropoetin is a substance normally produced by the kidneys which stimulates the formation of RBC's (red blood cells, or erythrocytes, hence the name). This is why patients on dialysis (in renal failure) are always anemic.
Some athletes dope with it to improve their oxygen carrying capacity.