Quick Question T400 and GSO


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So my buddy has some T400 (175mg Test E, 175mg Test C, 50mg Prop), he wants to just give it to me for free because he gets real bad PIP from it, can I add sterile GSO to another vial and add the T400 into it, water heat it up, shake it up, then it's good to go? Was just going to go 1ml:1ml.
Don't take someone elses bad oil. You have no clue if it is steril. Its nice of him to offer but you don't want to take thr risk. Just think about it. You are injecting something into your body that you don't know the origin of after it was unsealed. I hope that isn't a stack with those doses. That isn't a good list to use together.
i wouldn't go through this headache to go save what... 50? 60 bucks tops?

i've actually done this in the past, though. a LONG time ago. for some stupid reason i ordered test prop 200 and obviously the PIP was ridiculous so i added in some sterile GSO, placed the vials in a pool of shallow hot water so everything would mix together good and it worked fine. even got labs done. BUT I WOULD NEVER IN MY LIFE DO THIS AGAIN.
if it gives him bad pip what will it do to you? why is it giving him bad pip? not knowing the origin also is not good as the oils will vary. oh and good luck with staying dialed into your Ai with blood works.
yeah right bro, so hes like, this test is giving me bad pip so i think ill give it to my buddy for free.
No buddy of mine would do that to me.
get ready for bad pip too bro and like main man said above dont try to cut corners on price here.
It's the same gear I ran my last cycle on, came from literally the same package. I've taken T400 before, take the time to pin, he's never ran anything more than cyp, and he only fires it in his ass and never aspirates. I just figured maybe he couldn't handle the prop. I just think it would be quite strange that only the T400 he ordered wouldn't be sterile, but the rest would be?
As soon as the tops popped and a needle is inserted it is basically no longer "sterile". Our environment is filled with spores, fungus, bacteria and viruses. If he doesn't use sanitary procedures it is very easy to get contaminations.

I pull in some air and that air contains things. Inject the air into the vial and anything in the air is now in the vial. Ive had bubbles pull in as I draw from a vial before. If it is a liquid like some mushroom culture the liquid will explode to life with various green, black, white growth.

Steroids, their carrier oils and additives make it less likely, but possible. Olive oil on the shelf last and doesn't rot because it's mostly fat. It can and will harbor things. once injected the passengers are ready to get going.
Yeah I actually went to my buddy to get his stuff and I didn't know he'd bought 4 vials, just handed them over, I was just going to run two of the 3 unopened vials. Chances are that one did get contaminated on the way. Thanks for the info Mycelium ^_^