QV Eq Who liked it , who didn't???


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I am planning to do a EQ only cycle stacked with femera (suck the water out) goin gto be using the Eq at 800-900mg/week. Femera @ 2.5 ed. I just wanted to get some feed back on QV Eq before I get it. Did anyone like it?? Please tell me what your overall gains were like, and what dose u used and if u stacked it with something else.:40oz:
eq doesnt really bloat you...you should take some test with it also
QV EQ is GREAT!!!!!!!!! I think it is some of the best EQ out there right now!! I have used it for a while now and I have always had awesome results!!! I would highly recommend the QV!!!
QV EQ is a solid product. I will be taking 800mg a week with 50-75mg of proviron Ed for 10 weeks as my next cycle!
Eq is hands down my favorite AS. I am about to start running 800mg a week this week with 100mg of Winstrol (winny) ed for the cutting phase of my cycle. Eq is one of those steroids that seem to give consistant gains week after week even when run for long peroids of time. I planning on running it for somewhere between 15-20 weeks depending on when I stop responding well to it. Everything I gained from my last eq cycle I kept.