Ready to get back on after a 10yr absence, few questions..


crikey ngr!
Hi all, been off the gear and forums for about 10yrs and have the last year year being ready to get back into it. I have oils in vials from 10yr ago un-touched, being oil I'm sure all is OK but want to put it out there and get some feedback before I commence, thanks..


As long as it was stored properly, i would use it if it looks good. It should be perfectly fine. Make sure it hasn't fallen out of suspension, no mold growing. Stuff like that.


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Welcome back you should be good to go as long as the oil wasn***8217;t roasting in the sun or a hot/cold spot


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I threw my gear away but I'm pretty sure it was fine. You don't want the oil to touch the rubber as it can degrade over time ... At least that's what I read on here