Reforvit Injections?


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Has anyone actually ever injected reforvit as opposed to just taking it orally? And if so have you had good results doing so?

I have always taken it orally (25-50 mgs). But with it being an alpha-17-alky it of course puts a great deal of stess on the ol liver.

If you coulds get the same or better results by injecting it you could also in therory use less because you are eliminating the "liver pass."

Any feed back would be great. I hate going into unchartered waters and wasting hard gotten gear!

Now it's time to eat!

Unfortunately your logic is flawed - it is still a 17aa and must do the ol' double liver pass regardless if you shoot it or drink it.

I've never shot it because I usually use ref and it's so cheap ($27) I just drink it and I've heard it's painful so the choice is easy for me.
Take 25mg of dbol orally split up during the day, and then filter the reforvit with a .2 filter and spot inject a 1/2 hour before workout.
I injected it for a cycle to see the difference. Still had good gains. I only injected once a day. I think the vitamin-B had more of an effect because I was alot hungier. No abcess, no pain, no problems. I dunno, maybe I just got lucky.