Regarding: Pellet Sit Time


Mini B
I followed the g** directions. It stated that if you crush the beans prior to BA bath, then heat the last 15 minutes, "1 hour" is all it takes....In contradiction, saw another site stating the same directions but it said to leave "24 hours." From personal experience, I know the one hour BA bath is potent as my gains are awesome after 16 days, but is the potency higher with 24 hour BA bath?
if you do the hour method, you use only the BA to dissolve, boil some water, turn it off, then heat, and swirl the pellets until they are dissolved, and then ad oil, boil water again, take it off the burner, and sit fina/oil mixture into it, and let the water cool down to warm tempature, and it shoudl seperate.

if you do the 24 hour method, you let pellets sit in BA only for one hour, then add oil, and let it sit for 24 hours, pellets should be dissolved, and it shoudl seperate into layers
Also keep in mind that the amount that is extracted will depend on the PARTITIONING COEFFICIENT. I would recommend several small extraction over one large one.

The first (and only) time I made tren I let it sit for quite a few days (1-2 with just solvent, then 4 or so with the oil and solvent) so the methylcellulose (gunk) all settled to the bottom and got compact so it stayed down there I didn't lose so much tren in the goop and I got some crystal clear tren w/o going through a lot of filters. Like a poor mans centrifuge. I don't know if it was needed or not but it worked well for me and was very easy.
I just let my shit sit for about 45 min and then heated it for the last 15, swirled it around and went from there all in all it took like 2 hrs with the extra heatting steps to disinfect. My shit came out very nice liiking but i have yet to use it , as i am waiting for some other things to come