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Brock Landers

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An update:

I recieved an email on July 16 from the person in question. He requested an address on where to send, saying that the order has been recieved. This is not the first time I have recieved an email like this, so I am very skeptical. I am also hesitant to give out my address after the whole ordeal that led to the "personal problems." If any mods could email me on how I should go about dealing with this it would be appreciated. Thanks again, I will keep you all posted
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personal problems are never an excuse when doing any kind of business. legal or not. sorry to hear you got burned.
Son of a bitch, sorry to hear it Brock. Thanks for the heads-up. F$@%cking scammers, would love to use them for target practice.
Turbo3000 said:
Any info on who it was?

hey bros
I have edited my first post on who it was, due to the fact he has recently emailed me asking for a shipping address. We will soon see the legitamacy of these claims (as they have been made before). However I feel this should stay up as a warning, and in the event he doesn't come through in the given time frame, to post as a scammer. I am willing to give the benefit of the doubt ONE last time. Bottom line: If you are worried about who your source is, and if he is the source in question, then DO YOUR SOURCE CHECKS. This cannot be stressed enough. I will keep you all updated