SERMS and AI absorbtion


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i was just curious when you guys take your SERM or Aromatase inhibitor (AI), does it matter at all when you take it(night, day) or if you have an empty stomach or not?
anything else that increases or decreases absorbtion?

btw, just got and tried A-dex and i compare it to licking a donkeys asshole.
dont mind nolva or clomid taste however
bro, there is a reason they made researchology! Best tasting chems in the world. I actually look forward to ingesting these, it's almost like a cheat meal LOL.

As for when you take them, doesn't really matter IMO. I just try to take them around the same time everyday.
I use aromasin, so I went to their website and they say take it after a meal. Some medicines get absorbed better on an empty stomach some need food to assist with their absorbtion.