Should I add Winny?...........

J steel

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Here is my current cycle:

wks 1-3 30mg Dbol
wks 1-12 500mg Cyp
wks 1-12 500mg EQ
running .5 L-dex ED

I can get my hands on some Winstrol (winny) tabs.....was thinking starting them in week 9 and going till week 14. Then clomid starts a couple days after (Cyp and EQ will have been done for two weeks).

Two questions:

I know you should take to 17aa orals in the same cycle. But if they are spaced out how mine were, and in relatively moderate dosages, is it still a big no-no. I have been taking 1500mg ALA and 3caps Tylers Lier Detox every day. What do you think?

Also, I want to run Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) in the last two weeks of taking the Winstrol (winny) (while Im waiting for the Cp and EQ to taper off) and before my clomid.
Ive done so much research, my head is spinning, and I still cant find consistent dosing schedules. I was thinking 500ius ED for two weeks? Any opinions? And whats the better inject procedure, IM or subcutaneously?

Thanks bros!!!
Hey Johnny B

This is my 3rd cycle.

First was Primo only, 300mg for 10 weeks (actually had decent gains too).

Second was 250mg Enanthate, 400mg EQ for 10 weeks.

And like I said, this is my third.

Stats.........24 years old, 6'3", currently 232lbs (up 10lbs so far this cycle), bf 8%

Always been curious about winny.........but I hear people complaining alot about the joint pain associated with it. Just try to measure the pros and cons. Im already very lean and hard (I love EQ!), and was thinking this would make me even harder and more solid.
looks like a good plan to me. i dont see any probs using 2 17 aa's in your cycle as the dbol was only for 3 weeks and you will have gave yourself 6 weeks without any 17 aa. besides liver toxicity is over rated. if yuour already very lean and hard then the Winstrol (winny) will be magic on you.
I'm running drol and Winstrol (winny) at the same time as we speak. No probs as of yet, but I am keeping a close eye on things. I think you should be ok.
I think Im gonna add it, but keep it at 30mg ED. It seems most people do 50mg or more here..........can I still expect good results with 30mg?