Side bicep injection update


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Well, if figured the only way i would find out is to try myself. I was going to put 3/4 cc of TNE/Tren mix in each bi. I held my arm straight out, like I was doing a front lateral, and injected about 3/4 the way up my bi. No pain whatsoever. I felt like i was directly in the middle of my bi. I think the side has less nerves, because i ddint feel a thing on either arm, I know i didnt miss either, i felt around the outside of the muscle after the pin was in, before injecting. Proceeded to the right arm, and for some reason, it was going extremley slow, even though i warmed up the oil. I got maybe 1/3 off a cc in, and said screw it, and stuck the rest in my quad. So far so good, no swelling. Afterwards, i did 50 reps of hammer curls with each arm to get the blood pumping. Ill just have to wait a few hours to see how it goes. Well, off to the gym.:afro:
Im sure osmeone else has done it before, either out of curiousity, or plain ignorance, but I have never heard of it. Might as well pioneer it so to speak.
I did it with some fina, and it was like candy, I even tried it in the lat, but where I am scared in the calve. My budddy did that and couldn't walk for weeks he he.
Well, ive done many of bi shots, but not on the side of the bi. Im not saying to the left or to the right on the top, on the side, like when you do a quad injection. I got an insane pump on my brachialis or whatever its called.
Hey bros. I tried dartin' my bis a couple of times. I came in from the side and didn't feel a thing at injection time. Tho I tried some testorona 4la once with an 1 1/2" 21 and my fickin arms were magorly sore for about 4 days. To the point were I coudln't even bend em. Not sure if it was the depth or the gear. I tried it with deca and it didn't hurt nearly as bad.

Just thought i would input!:D
Im still wondering if people know what i mean. Like if you arms are straight down by my side, the syringe would be pointing away from my body to the side, not to the front. I guess it would be in the same postion as injecting into my side delt.
RoadHouse. Gotcha! I never did them that way. Just from the "inside."
Now that I think about it that seems to be an easy way. Me thinks?