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do yall guys ever get sick off of slin i mean i feel like shit when i am on it i even tried to drink alot of carbs to try to make me feel better but i still feel like shit so why is this???
ive never had that experience. i always feel fine. unless i drink too much protein and then i tear up the poor toilet but other than that its never given me a problem. can you elaborate a little more about why you feel like crap? lethargic, headache, naseus?
ive never had any mood or temper probs with slin. are you taking any Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) with it?
I've never noticed any sides when using slin, and i've gone as high as 20iu with on 70 carbs
I dont see slin causing any probs with temperment. could be some other stuff your on, if any at all.

Bronco-damn man if I go overboard on the protein its time to bleach the white underwhere:)
no i am not taking any thing with the slin
but in a week from now i will be putting it with my prop and tren cycle 3on 1off thur the cycle and thur the end..
i guest you can say that after i take my slin shot i just feel like doing nothing i am so dam tired after the shot and yes i am taking about 9grams of carbs per i.u. of slin
are you taking humalin or humalog? if your taking humalin try using some slower acting carbs with it. dont rely jsut on destrose? how long after your shot do you get these simptoms?