so will there be anymore mod additions, or is that it?


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figured since i started the last thread about this topic, i would post this one too.

so was buffdoc the last mod to be chosen for awhile or can we expect another moderator addition some time soon?

i just want to say, i feel like the mods that have been chosen for this site are great choices. very helpful bros and sis's here.
Well, last week we had a private staff vote on who the mods and admins felt would be their first and second choices for mod additions. The plan was to choose 2 mods. #1 was Buffdoc and he accepted our offer to mod here. And he has been a great addition. You can never go wrong with a Doctor on your staff.

#2 was a tie between 3 members. So after thinking it over for awhile. Tx and I decided that we will closely evaluate those 3 members this week and decide on who will get the last mod spot by early next week.

Sorry, but I do not wish to disclose who those 3 members are. So please, do not ask. And like Grafix said, we are always looking to improve the site. Over time Moderators come and go and we are always looking at members who would be a good fit to the staff. Tx and I are always adding to our "potential mod" list in the Admin Forum. Whether you are a severely knowledgable member, a very friendly member, a scientific member(Ex. Billy_Bathgate), a long-time member, etc., it all counts in our eyes. We are not necessarily looking for a superstar mod as much as we are looking for a "good fit" mod.
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I am continually working on a plan to somehow ban all the other mods and admins which will leave the board for my ultimate ruling. When that day comes in the near future, I will begin adding mods who were created in my image.