Somaject's feedbacks.. ?


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It's been a moment now since somaject is on the market ..did anyone used it here ?
what is the opinion compared to other brands ?

I know Nyflex used it and dind't appreciate and I'd like to know if anyone else as an input now ??
and many people were very happy with them!

I take that with a grain of salt as we are on the net! :(
I admit it, I will use them in two weeks and well see :).

So far Ive heard more good things than bad! And as I "heard" that some great bashing toward the somas were made by sero holo kits dealer, so now I take everything lightly, its the net!

try it and see, there too much things that can affects the GH.

I will tell ya in some weeks :D
BUFFDAWG10 said:
but the reports on them were mixed.

Just as they were with the exports. I haven't used either. Honestly didn't want to gamble so I went with the realest thing I could find.

However, a friend of mine did the exports and loved them. Also, IronFist on Elite, fitnessgeared, etc has tried just about all of them.
Well, there were some lab results posted with them testing out very well. A lot of mention was given to the fact that they need to be handled properly to keep the hormone active. There was also talk about how a lot of the negative feedback was generated by rival sources competing in the market.

But just lately I believe I read something about their availability being cut off.
They never stopped production

production of what anyway, as we all know where the GH from.

probably a shipment problem from ****** to *****
you're right , the production stop was just a rumor .
a lot of feedbacks but really mixed... a few guys I know used it and some are happy the other not ...maybe handling problem ?
but if the price is the same I think I'll go with the good old serostim kit !
So Euro-Tech is still producing the kits. The GH come from Germany. Euro-Tech just repacks and packages it!

If you can get Serostin, or evn better Jinotrope go with that!
OK I just started today, running it at 3iu a day until I hit my cycle in two weeks.

My hands (especially right one) and wrist hurt, FREAKING hurt, either it is in my head or something :(
Well I took my first shot of somaject this morning 5iu's (10iu's/day for 5 days) with 1gram test/week. I'll post my results
i'm on somaject now, and have been for around 3 months

switched over to it from humatrope which I was getting for an arm and a leg (around 1K per 96iu brick!!)

no complaints with the somaject, seems to be doing the same job as the humatrope, i was on 5iu of the humatrope per day and i'm on around 6iu of the somaject and seems very comparable

DEFINITELY can't complain about the price difference between the two!
no shit, tell me about it!! cheapest i've EVER seen 96iu humatrope bricks for was 850/brick, and that was black market.........i was getting them from life extension clinic until my boy talked me into trying the somajects..........

DEFINITELY not paying a grand a piece for those babiesa
I'm on my second kit of Somaject. Initially, the price was right so I gave it a shot. I've been very pleased with the results. I run about 4IU's a day (2IU's in the morning/2iu's at night). I'm talking it with Winstrol IP 50mg tabs. I got those for a hell of a good deal - 100 tabs for $125. I hear some poor suckers out there are paying as much as $300 for 50 pills. They're good but not that good.
I've used 3 of the somaject kits and honestly don't see a difference between the somajects, exports, or the holograms....