some advice please for first cycle


how's your balls
I'm looking to bulk upat least 20lbs over the next 8-10 weeks and obviously keep as much of those gains as possible. I don't have a massive knowledge of steroids and am just beginning to delve into the use of them. What first cycle can somebody recommend for me? Any input appreciated, thanks.
Just finished my first cycle, 500mgs of Test (I understand 300mgs is recomended for 1st cyclye) each week for 10 weeks, Nolvadex (10mg tabs) on hand for itchy nipps and in case of gyno (the nips got sensitive a couple of times and the nolva knocked it out) 2 weeks from last shot 40mgs of nolva ED for weeks then 20 mgs ED for 2 weeks. Clomid 100mgs ED for 2 weeks. I ate like a monster 3800cals+ (a lot for me) and about 350grms protien.

I put on 17 solid pounds and about 5 water wgt. My workouts were intense and will continue the momentum into 2 cycle down the road. -Goodluck

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sounds nice and simple, just wanted to get some basic cycle info to get started, anybody else got any input?