Some opinions on this cycle (vets/compedators)


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Some opinions on this cycle (vets/compedators)

I feel i could use one more cycle before my next show. I dont have much time, so i want to run a short and sweet 6 week cycle of prop/fina with dbol in first 4 weeks. End with clomid normal. I know id probably crash hard off of this cycle since it shuts down your HPTA pretty hard, so i am planning on bridging with 10mg dbol in AM up until i start my contest cutting cycle. Is this a good idea or no? I dont want to jump into mens divisions this year unless im ready, and i was really set on doing these shows in Nov. THANX
Well, since it is for a contest and you seem to really want to do well, then personally if it was me, I would be doing something a lot different.

But to give some advice that stays along the lines of what you have posted, I would say to do a Prop/Dbol for 6 weeks followed by the clomid(shouldnt crash too hard with those 2 drugs). Personally, since its only 6 weeks, I would go pretty heavy on both. Save the Tren for your contest cycle. Then do your dbol bridge up to the start of your contest cycle.
When exactly is the show and how long did you plan on cutting/dieting for?

Also, what did you plan on using, gear-wise, during your dieting?
I didnt find tren shut me down any worse than other gear, a short cycle like you outlines would probably do the trick. You could get some Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) and throw it in at the end to get your production back up before starting the clomid
Well my shows are Oc 25 Nov 1 and if i wanna do a 3rd nov8. Im not sure as far as how long im dieting and what im takin yet. Gota start in august tho. Im goin to a contest prep guy to learn to do this the right way.