Soreness = Effective workout ??


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Someone told me that being sore the following few days after a work out has nothing to do with the effectiveness of you work out. If this is the case then why is it that when i have a kick ass vein popping work out i can bet my balls i'll be sore for the next few days, and when i ahve those days where my focus isnt there and my intensity is low, i wont be sore at all the next day?
Btw this is my 1st post but ive been lurking every ngiht for the past few week.
Well im here so might as well tell a lill why im here.
Been working out for 4 years, past year i ahve taking my game to a new level, been eating clean day in and day out, training 5 times a week.
height: 6"1
Always been a natural untill 2 weeks ago when my package arrived in the mail. dbol, test, tren stack. Pppl seem to have different opinions that tren isnt for n00bs, thought about it, decided to give it a go anywyas. 2 weeks and im up 10 lbs and as strong as an ox, benching 405 last week wich was incredbale. my bench went up 40 lbs in 2 weeks ? WTF. my tren and test are enenth, so they havnt kicked in yet.. dayyymmmn Dbol is some stronge shit. :rockband: anyways guys u can be expecting to hear form me again. :startrek:
9/10 times I can tell right after a workout if I'm going to be sore or not. I guess if you have had some time off you'd get sore with a minimal workout. But I think if you are and have been trainin with intensity and you get sore muscles the day/2nd day after the workout then you did well.
I like the soreness... does it say if I worked out hard? No. If I stay up with my ZMA I hardly ever get sore. If I'm cycling my recovery is even faster.