spot injected bi's. OUCH!


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I spot injected my bis today with 1 cc of tren, and .75 cc of prop in each bi. I thought it was feeling good afterwards, my arm felt so full and pumped. about 30 min later I could not bend my arm. DAMN I hate prop. Do you guys think it is the prop or does this happen often?
Inject real slow and be sure to DEEPLY massage the area for at least a minute afterwards.

This results is zero pain for me personally.
popi is such a funny fellow! I remember hearing you say that you tried to find a 2 inch 18 gauge pin for your glute injections one time, something about how it reminds you of an old "friend". Seriously though I used a 21 gauge 5/8 inch pin I will probably be using a 1 inch pin next time. I massaged it pretty deeply, I just think that it might be the prop.
Yeah stop being a sissy it was probably due to the prop and the streaching of the muscle due to the oil so suck it up and dont call me crying anymore.:bawling: