stalled gains?


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yo i gained 5 lbs in the first few weeks of test enth 420mg/week
now im in week 7 and the gains stopped i cant go any higher even eating a shitload? whats up should i end the cycle now and save the gear or what?
im taking .5mg adex e/d also. so not holding any water
i know test enth take time to kick, but do the weight gains come at the very end of the cycle or what. the first 5 lbs i put on i coulda done natty too so i havent got a jump in weight yet?>???
please help
Are you experiencing any strength gains? Better pumps in the gym? Any increased androgenic sides in the form of oily skin or acne?
ya man stength is up a bit, alot more agression. i know its real, legit supplier
plus ya some acne red face and sweating like a pig.
Aggression from 420mg of test? That's not really the norm, but certainly could happen.

Tell us EXACTLY what your macro breakdown is. In all probability, you need to increase your protein and carbs (low GI carbs).
i dunno man but first time i did test it was with dbol and the dbol gave great gains but the test not really, then i did few dbol cycles grew awesome off them and now back to test and doesnt do shit. maybe test isnt for me?
if it aint broke dont fix it..go back to that dbol and worked b4 ,it should work again..up that test to 600mgs...roll from there...
yeh, i'd agree with the might need to up the test to like 750mg per week
yup time to incress the test up to 750mg...or switch up the routine at the gym up a bit
post diet, bet you could use some tweaking. i know five pounds isn't much, but the body needs more fuel for any increased weight.