Started Letro last monday...


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I am taking 1.25mg EOD. LiquidResearch Letro

I am on a 500sus/week cycle + 3iu GH/day. I am on my 10th week of 12.

Durring this cycle if I eat anything with ANY ammount of salt I bloat like the pilsberry Doughboy. I can easily jump 6-8 pounds in less than a day from bloat.

I run a strict diet, very clean. I also drink loads of water.

How long until the letro starts killing the bloat?
I don't have a definite answer, but I'd say within the first week you'll notice something.

Do you think you bloat is from the sus or hgh?

The reason I ask is a friend of mine was doing 4iu of hgh and stopped cause of bloat. So if it's from the hgh, I don't know if femara will help. Maybe someone else does.