Starting Clomid early?


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Well Ive been considering starting clomid therapy treatment early.
I want to get it out of the way before i move back to memphis and have the stresses of moving to a new place. Also I have suffered an ankle injury that has prevented me from doing any training at all. Would it hurt to start clomid early......around 5 days after my last shot instead of the normal 14...the ester is enthanate......would there be any disadvantages to this.....advantages! Thanx in advance asking what will be the disadvantage of starting it this early?????? Pure ineffectiveness of restarting HTPA or what?
Dont bother. The reason why we use clomid is to get our test levels back to normal after they have shut down. If the enthanate is still running rampant through your system the clomid wont be of any use at all.