Sterility and Clenbuterol

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I posted this at EF and I thought I'd share this here. I take it this guy doesn't care much for Clen. Wow! He makes some very concerning points. Interesting...

Sterility and Clenbuterol

I've always hated clenbuterol. I think I mention this every time I write a column. The stuff is dangerous, its benefits are minimal and very transient, and (at least with me) it causes serious migraine headaches at sub-therapeutic dosing.

Now it seems clenbuterol causes profound testicular damage, at least in pigs. It might cause a small transient rise in Testosterone, but the expense is that it can possibly make you unable to father kids someday. Check out this study:

The morphological consequences of anabolic clenbuterol treatment on the testicular parenchyma were investigated in 30 pigs at morphological and ultrastructural levels. Clenbuterol was given with food (1 ppm).

In the first group (n=10), treatment was maintained until slaughter (experimental period three months). In the second group (n=10), clenbuterol was withdrawn two weeks before slaughter (experimental period 2.5 months). A third group (n=10) of pigs not fed with clenbuterol served as controls.

Animals were slaughtered at nine months of age and samples of testicular parenchyma were collected for light and electron microscope studies. In the clenbuterol-treated groups, the interstitial cells showed a considerable increase in the organelles involved in Testosterone production, with an increased development of the mitochondria, smooth endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi apparatus and lipid droplets compared to the control group. The seminal epithelium displayed many lipid vacuoles and evident signs of tubular involution, such as degenerating and multinucleate germ cells. Sertoli cells gave evidence of metabolic alterations such as large lipid deposits and cytolysosomes. (4)

For now, it might be a good idea to skip the clen if you want to be a dad someday. There are better, legal fat loss supplements on the market anyway.

Double Strength Clen?

Yep, it seems that a company in China is now making 40mcg clenbuterol tabs for us bodybuilder types. The Hubei Huangshi Nanshang Pharmaceutical Company just came out with this new product. Now you can make yourself sterile twice as fast!

I just got my Hubei's today :69:
Even if it is an issue it's reversible:

Vet Res 2002 Jan-Feb;33(1):47-53 Related Articles, Links

Quantitative modification of the testicular structure in pigs fed with anabolic doses of clenbuterol.

Blanco A, Artacho-Perula E, Flores-Acuna R, Aguera E, Monterde JG.

Departamento de Anatomia y Anatomia Patologica Comparadas, Universidad de Cordoba, Spain.

Morphological and structural data of the testes of thirty male pigs were recorded in order to evaluate the effects of an anabolic clenbuterol treatment. Pigs aged 6 months were randomly allocated to one of three experimental groups. In two treated groups, the animals were fed with anabolic doses of clenbuterol (1 ppm); in the CLB group (n = 10) clenbuterol was given until they were slaughtered (treatment period = 3 months) whereas in the CLBW group (n = 10) the clenbuterol was withdrawn two weeks before slaughter (treatment period = 2.5 months); clenbuterol was not given to the pigs of the control group (n = 10). Stereological estimations of the tissular volume fraction and tubular volume density were applied to quantify the structural constituents of the testes. The results showed an increased volume fraction of the testicular interstitium especially in the Leydig cell population, as a result of the clenbuterol treatment. The increase in the nuclear volume fraction of the Leydig cells was the more persistent change in the variations recorded in both treated groups with respect to the control. A regression of the seminal epithelium was also recorded in the treated animals. The rest of the structural parameters were closer to the normal figures in the CLBW group, suggesting a recovery of the testicular structure when clenbuterol was withdrawn.