Super Test 250 In IRAQ !


"Get Fucked"
Any suggestions for taking Super Test 250 stacked with Nandrolone Decanoate?
I have 4 10ml. bottles of each and was curious on dosage and usage.
I was told 500ml. every 10 days on the Test and 400 ml once a week on the Nandrolone.
I weight 155 and 6'0 with a very fast metabol. Food , gym time, and rest periods not a problem. Also any suggestions on water intake ??

Much regards from a couple guys fighting in Iraq and trying to get fucking ripped in the off time !


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hmmm well i would get rid of your gear and start eating to the point where you are going to puke... keep feeding yourself throughout the day even when you're not hungry....

we need to know your cycle experience... is this your first one?? i'm guessing so since you don't know how to dose things properly and some moron over there has told you something completely wrong lol...

this is how you would run your gear... don't do a 20 week cycle like what the guy is saying you do if you're gonna use all 40mL of gear... run a 10 week cycle to start...

weeks 1-10 test 250 = 500mg/week .. (injections on monday 1cc (250mg) and thursday 1cc (250mg) )

do not touch the deca at all until your second cycle... but before you jump on i really think you need to educate yourself on steroids... because you're gonna go on and end up hurting yourself bro...


Agree with Crushershocky. Not sure if you operate like Canadian Forces, but if you get beer tickets, trade'em to your buddies for some more food. Eat, eat and eat. Also agree with the above cycle. Good luck overseas.


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Don't do anything whatsoever with steroids. At your height and weight you could easily put on some size by doing some basic weight training and eating a little more. Being in a combat situation is not the time to go fucking around with your endocrine system. I'm betting you don't have access to nolvadex or clomid either. Going through recovery post cycle without the proper meds and the added stress of desert combat will completely fuck your body up. Wait until you get back home, put on some size naturally, and then start playing with the fun stuff. Jumping in now would be completely irresponsible.


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When I was young I did my first cycle listening to some yeahoo and put on weight pretty good. Then I went to the doctor and he said "my god what happened to your liver?" It has massive scarring.
Anyway, not everyone knows what they are doing. Listen to some old timers here for a while and just get your diet straight. Then see what a good cycle is when you are educated a little. Come to find out I was taking about 500 mg of anadrol a day for two weeks, fortunatly for me after two weeks into the cycle the guy that was giving them to me got arrested and I could not get them anymore or he may have killed me. Now that i am older I researched them for 6 months and talked with a MD, then started. I do 2 - 8 to 10 week cycles with 8 to 10 weeks in between of 400 mg of test e and 300 mg of deca.
The deca needs to be split up into two shots a week. like 150 on mon 150 on thur.
And eat untill you hate food, then eat some more. 5k calories is hard to take in if its clean.
Good luck over there and watch out for the nut jobs with the car bombs.
Whack a rag for us while your at it. :shoot2:


I was told 500ml. every 10 days on the Test and 400 ml once a week on the Nandrolone.
If you are ready for a first stack, those are good ratio's. But seriously, at 155 lbs, its way too soon.

sean usmc

yes yes yes yes yes i eat till i puke .wipe my face and stuff my face again.but i recomend when you get to 175 of working out NATURALLY.then you can start test enanthate 200mg..good results for a BEGGINER.good luck and EAT EAT EAT