Suspension - Do you have a preference?


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LFC vs. Univet -- Have you tried either? What were your results? What did you use to shoot? Where have you shot?
u wont find any suspension better than univet, but the price of LFC vs. Univet makes it a draw.
making your own is the cheapest.. if you are looking for a bargin... but if was to buy i would go with lfc
I used Univet when I was around 18 years old. Shot it only once every other day. But man did I get some crazy results. I blew up but there was a shit load of water weight, strength was insane. I was only using 20 mg of Dbol with it for 4 weeks at the beginning too. Ended up using the Susp for 8 weeks.
I'm taking Spectro's Oilbase Suspension now, 1cc ed . So far so good . But dam this shit hurts. No more shoulder Injections. I can handle the glute shots but the shoulders just get to sore.
I did 2 weeks of the LFC suspension shot 2x daily, gained 10lbs in the 2 weeks but the injection pain kinda sucked, if you can handle that the gains are great
There is no question that legit univet suspension rocks!! The PV suspina worked pretty well for me also.